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Please do not buy or borrow this book at the moment.

This isn't a post I want to write. I want to assure everyone that I've done all I could, but I need to ask you NOT to buy or borrow 'A Fresh Start' at the moment.

Here's what happened. I made a mistake. I uploaded the book with 3 chapters missing. My own stupid fault, but I realised within 4 hours, corrected it and uploaded it. It should have been corrected within 48 hours. It's now 5 full days and there's no sign of any progress.

Amazon corrected the store front, but haven't corrected the actual manuscript. So far, I've spent six hours trying to sort it out and the 'most customer centric store on earth' is not living up to its slogan. I've been sent instructions on how to upload an amended manuscript and timetables that they haven't followed, told it's been sorted out (twice), referred to a section who doesn't deal with it, given an email address for complaints that has been deactivated, and told that everyone is trained to deal with my complaint by someone who hadn't actually bothered to read it and kept asking me questions that they could have answered if they had read it. Then, just in case they hadn't annoyed me enough, they sent me an email saying they'd pass my 'comments' on and thanked me for my patience. (And if they think that was me being patient then I'd hate to think about what their impatient customers are like!!!)

It's clear they've got problems. I expect you can tell how upset I am because you all deserve better, especially when you've supported me so magnificently. (And thanks, because the books are doing better than I ever dared to let myself hope.)

So, here's an image of the book cover I don't want you to buy or borrow right now... I'll update you once I've got it sorted out. I'm refusing to let myself think 'if I ever sort it out' but it's not easy right now


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