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Special offers, new books and what I've been up to.

Publishing on Thursday 25/5/23 - The Cynics Way - A Shadows Romantic Suspense, writing as Eleanor Neville.

A dangerous cult with the power to take over any computer and cause the end of the world. A cynical hacker who was let down by the system and the woman he loved. A woman who’s got sucked deeper in than she expected to. And the mysterious Merlin who’s manipulating it all from behind the scenes.

Anything could be about to happen…

99p deals in the UK and 99c in the US deals. (NB, Being English, my dates are the wrong way round to you in the States. Or yours are the wrong way round for me. It’s so hard to tell, isn’t it? Either way, if it’s easier for you, then think of them as being 5/24 and 6/24 to 5/31 and 06/01.)

24/5/23 - 31/5/23

The Warrior’s Way - The book before the Cynic’s Way in the Shadows Romantic Suspense series, writing as Eleanor Neville.

A hero with problems. A heroine with even bigger problems involving a stroppy younger sister and a dangerous cult. All of them looking for something; which would be a lot easier to find if they knew what they were looking for!

The Prodigal Daughter - The fourth Amy Hammond Cosy Mystery.

Christmas is coming and so is Amy’s favourite niece and her big sister’s special birthday and wedding anniversary party. Surely nothing can go wrong this time, can it? And what’s going on with Peter?

25/5/23 - 01/06/23 Wasted On the Young, Up the Garden Path and A Stitch in Time

The first three Amy Hammond cosy mysteries, when a cuddlier than she’d like to be and less organised than she’d like to be fifty-something craftaholic finally gets the adventures that she’d always been sure she wants, and starts to find out about herself and her best friend and neighbour Peter Cunningham.

Sales promotion over, and it isn’t really one because I’m just letting you know that you could save money if you felt like some nice relaxing summer reading. Maybe on the beach or in the garden if we ever get what feels like summer.

There again, I’m perfectly fine in jeans, a long-sleeved top and a cardigan and I like the cooler weather because I can have some lovely walks. Today I sat down overlooking the harbour and Brownsea Island and listened to the wind snapping in the rigging and watched the gulls fly and thought about the books that are evolving in my head and how wonderfully lucky I am. I hope you have as much fun this week as I’ve done!


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