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Time to say thank you…


Tomorrow is a bittersweet day for me, because ‘Lost and Found’ is published; and thanks to everyone who’s pre-ordered it or read the other Amy Hammond books and said such lovely things about them.

This’ll be the last of the current batch of Amy Hammond books but she’ll be back in September and again for Christmas and there are new heroines for you to meet in the meantime so I hope you won’t forget me.

Easter Sunday is all about rebirth so it seems apt that it also marks an anniversary for me. It will be a year since I decided to stop dreaming of being a writer someday and get out there and be one. I told my loving family that I was going to focus on that dream for a year and see if I could make it come true, and then I published the first books on the seventh of May and worked my socks off and learned so many things that I never expected how to.

So now most of the books I wrote when life was complicated and often sad and writing was my great escape are out there in the world and people are actually reading them. Someday I may stop pinching myself, but I hope I don’t because it’s been amazing as well as exhausting.

So thank you, thank you thank you all you lovely people. I hope I’ve given you a chance to escape and that you’ve had fun and will stick around to see what’s coming next… and I’ll tell you all about that on Sunday!


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