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The Bear went over the mountain

The bear goes over the mountain…

Do you remember that song from when you were a kid? If so, did you ever feel sorry for him because whenever he got to the top of the mountain, all that he could see was another mountain? Life’s like that, though, isn’t it, and for me, at the moment the mountains are ones I’ve been getting ready to climb for a long time, so, let me introduce you to the next series of books that are out on Amazon Kindle now and will be in the Kindle deals in late June and early July.

The Amy Hammond cosy mystery series are set in the apparently tranquil little Dorset market town of Westerham and follow Amy and her next-door neighbour and very good friend Peter Cunningham as Amy’s kindness and weakness for what her beloved but bossy big sister calls lame ducks gets her into some very strange situations.

I think you’re going to like Amy. She’s in her mid-fifties and worked in a bank till she was made redundant a few weeks after her parents died within days of each other. She slid gradually into being a carer as so many of us do, and now she’s determined to find out who she is and what she’s capable of. She’s always longed for adventure, but I’m not sure she quite expects what she gets.

More details in the coming weeks, but till then, here’s a picture of some cute cygnets I saw in my park to thank you for reading. We’ve got two clutches of ducklings, one of Canada geese, one of greylag geese and two sets of cygnets, and a walk to see them is so much more fun than going to the gym to exercise. This particular set are so cute that I'm wondering if they've been trained by the local tourist board. Daddy swan isn't quite as cute, but he's very protective and the other new parents hang out round him because he keeps the predators away.


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