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Someday, Sunday...

As you guys know, my life took me off down a strange path and a lot of things got put on hold for a while. I'm in the calm between storms right now (I don't quite dare say 'it's settled down' in case I'm tempting fate!)

So, I came up with an idea for myself. I have Someday Sundays a couple of times a month when I do all the things I've promised myself I'll do someday, because I've learned the hard way that you can't rely on having as much time as you think you have. And today's was to risk the dust bunnies under the bed and get out a bag of quilt tops I've been meaning to quilt for the last fifteen years.

It turned out that there was some gorgeous fabric in there too, so I'm in for a treat as I sort through it later on today. But the first job was to make the most of a hot sunny day when there's not enough washing to make it worth running a load and peg them all up to air. And here they are...

I was going to say I've improved a lot since, but then I gave myself a good talking to. (Why not? I'd tell everyone else the same thing so why shouldn't I be nice to myself too?) I said 'Tia, be proud of what you did then. Look at them and enjoy them and imagine them all nice and finished as you learn to machine quilt this winter. Stop putting yourself down because that's one job you can always delegate to someone else.'

So today, I hope you do one thing you want to do but you've been putting off because you need to look after everyone else. And if that lecture applies to you as well (and I'm willing to bet that it does) then assume I was including you in it!

Have a great day!


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