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Reasons to be cheerful

I know putting the clocks forward makes a lot of people happy because it means lighter evenings, but chronic insomniacs like me count the minutes till daylight and that’s now an hour later. Rationally, I know it makes no difference at all and the days are getting longer and someday it’ll stop being wet and windy and then my joints won’t hurt as much but right now I need to give myself a good talking to, so here are my reasons to be cheerful.

I have a loving husband and two amazing children. (When do you stop calling them children? Do you EVER stop worrying about them? On second thoughts, don’t answer that second question because I don’t think I want to know!)

The seeds I sowed on Mothering Sunday have begun to germinate. Soon I will be pricking out lots and lots of little alyssum. They call it bee honey down here in Dorset and the insects love the tiny white flowers. And this year I have a jewel mixture as well, so it’ll be interesting to see what we get.

The wallflowers in my garden have come into bud, just as the daffodils are going over. The bluebells will take over from them, then the cherry and apple blossom, then the Sweet Williams and then the alyssum and nasturtiums.

My baby shrubs are growing nicely. The foliage colours include some lovely reds and bronzes and next year they’ll flower too and take their place in the cycle that not only looks gorgeous but attracts the butterflies and bees I love. I won't say I've made a paradise garden, but it does make me very very happy and soon I'll be able to sit outside without needing to wrap up warmly and put out anchors to stop myself being blown away.

The duvet cover that I found when I was tidying up looks lovely on the bed. (Please don’t ask when I bought it, I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember) It’s got yachts and anchors on it and I shall embroider some anchors on some pillowcases to go with it. I was obviously saving it for a special time, so I declare that time to be now.

I’ve brushed the rust off my ability to appliqué. One of my tops now has butterfly motifs on both sides, which looks great, even if it was because I stitched the first one to the wrong side of the top. I do miss tops with labels!

It may be raining outside while I air the house, but I can still hear the birds singing.

Both the cats are well and happy and home which will make the birds happier too.

I grated 3 different kinds of cheese yesterday and froze them, then made cheese scones and froze some dough for those too.

I have lost 2 1/2 stone since October, and while there is 1 1/2 stone still to go seems quite achievable. It’s enough that I can see the difference and my exercise routine is helping my core strength, balance and tummy.

And after 37 years of marriage, my husband loves me enough to make me frothy coffee and put a heart on top of it…

Individually, none of those things are big things, but making that list made me realise that neither were the things that were pulling me down. And better is to come because tonight it will still be light at 7.30…

What makes you happy? Do you write reasons to be cheerful lists?


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