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No happy ending for 'A Fresh Start' and 3 Chapters in the middle of it are still missing too!

First of all, thanks to everyone who contacted me to tell me about the missing chapters. I'm really pleased that you enjoyed what you could read of the book, and really sorry that you can't read all of it.

So, here's an update of what I know. As at 04:02 BST on 16/06/22 they do not currently have an expected timeline as this issue is complex and has required a significant amount of investigation.

They said then that they would 'reach out' (do you hate that phrase as much as I do?') to me tomorrow, but I haven't heard anything since. This, sadly, has pretty much summed up my experience with Amazon over this, but this blog is supposed to be a happy place so I won't tell you all about that.

Instead, I shall think about kittens. Cute, fluffy kittens like these ones. Kittens who have nice sharp claws. And teeth to bite with. And shred things that deserve it. Not, of course that I am thinking about Amazon. No, I am thinking happy thoughts about kittens!

Take care, and hopefully I'll have happier news soon.


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