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My family are laughing at me...

And what else is new, I hear you ask when you think I can’t hear you. All families laugh at their mothers. It’s in the job description, along with disturbed nights, last minute shopping trips for things they HAVE to have yet have forgotten to mention and the never ending worry that either all isn’t well with the child, or is going too well. Or maybe that’s just me? I hope so, but I suspect it isn’t.

Anyway, I’m wandering off the point. They’re laughing at me because I’m responding to the changing season by washing everything I can while I can still dry it on the line and having a major cleaning session while I can still have the windows open. I don’t know about you, but my standards tend to slip a little while I can be outside, so this time of year, when autumn is in the air but we’re still getting glorious days, makes me a little wistful and a whole lot excited.

Ahead of us lies autumn. Time to plan. Time to work out what fun things we can do. Time to sort out the next quilting project. Time to go to quiet beaches as the tourists go home and gather shells for my front garden project. Time to sweep up leaves. And then do it again. And again. And again.

Time to pick my cookbooks for my winter challenge. My family laugh at that too, because apparently normal mums don’t pick two cookbooks and try to cook a recipe from them each week. Come to that, most mums don’t have as many cookbooks as I do, but who buys them for me? And who enjoys eating the results? This autumn and winter I’m going for the National Trust Book of Puddings and Rachel Allen’s Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen which is, allegedly, simple, delicious family food. I’ll let you know how simple it is in due course.

Time to pick up my quilting and finish my embroidery projects. Time to plan my Christmas quilt. Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t make another one because I’ve made one every year since my daughter was born. She’s 23. They’re not wearing out… There are only so many quilts a family can use. And they laugh at that too, but not when they’re wrapped up in memories and love and snuggly warm.

So yes, I’m sad summer’s ending, but autumn is going to be awesome. What’ll you be doing?


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