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Happy New Year everyone…

My name is Tia and I’m a compulsive organiser… but you knew that already, didn’t you? So I’m sure you’ve also guessed that I love New Year as much as Christmas. Not the staying up later, partying and drinking bit, because you’ve probably also already worked out that I’m an early bird, but the sense of not only a clean sheet but a whole new notebook just waiting to be filled. And it’s one with a pretty cover too!

I’ve been making resolutions for weeks, but one of the many things that Covid changed was how I do it. These days, I plan one month at a time, and then see what’s possible for the next one.

So, in January…

I shall clear my wardrobe of all the clothes that don’t fit now that I’ve lost my first eighteen pounds. (Yes, I am gloating, but you’ll let me off, won’t you?) Anything I’m keeping will have a cedar wood ring put around the hanger to keep the moths away and my favourite charity shops will benefit from the rest.

I shall give it a loving clean and then hang up all the lovely clothes bargains I’ve found on eBay over the Christmas period because, gulp, there are still another 36 pounds to go before the new sleek svelte Tia emerges from her flabby chrysalis.

I shall get out for walks by the harbour and the beach and hope for an end to bird flu so I can enjoy the park again. I shall do exercises indoors if it’s too wet to get out even though I really don’t enjoy them because a big ambition for 2022 is to say goodbye to my tummy!

I shall gloat shamelessly as the days get longer and give the garden a good clean up if it ever stops raining.

I shall remember the wise words of a sign that a friend gave me last year, which reads. “I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now” and I shall be grateful.

I shall find things to be happy about. They may well be small ones, but I’m small too so we’ll suit each other. And one of the biggest things is you, my wonderful readers, who made my dreams come true in 2022. I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings…

For me, it won't involve fireworks! How about you?

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