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Dad's Army connection to Lavender House Romances!

It’s amazing how you can get diverted when you’re supposed to be researching, but this one’s so good that I couldn’t resist sharing it. According to a letter to our local paper, “The source of the links is David Sharland, who later took the name Croft. He was one of the co-writers and was born in Sandbanks to a showbusiness family.

In order to provide some stability in the young life of David he was to spend much time with Mrs Emma Drury of 5 Khyber Road in Parkstone, who he regarded as his grandmother.

Living close by in Albert Road was Mr Yeatman, funeral director and living next door was the long term verger at St Aldhelm's Church, Branksome, Arthur Courage. He could be seen regularly in the area wearing his robes and flat cap and is said to be the inspiration for the verger in the programme. Yeatman was the name given to the verger in Dad's Army.

Before David Croft joined the Dorset Regiment at Blandford Forum, he was the ARP Warden for Khyber Road and surrounding area and worked with his brother, Reginald, temporarily at Poole Borough Council.

I always thought Dad’s Army seemed familiar, but I hadn’t realised that Sandbanks used to be known as Parkstone on Sea. By World War Two it was known as Sandbanks, so I suppose David Croft fell back to the older name to protect the guilty! I’ve certainly met my share of characters since I came to live down here forty years ago, and I only hope I’ve done them justice in the new Lavender House which is set between the present day and World War Two.

So today’s ending bit is a link to an episode of one of my favourite TV series, with a sea theme.


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