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An art-ful recycling trip

I live in an amazing part of the world. Where else would I spot an art exhibition on my way to putting the green recycling bin out?

It’s part of the ‘Dorset Arts Week”, which, because this is Dorset, is run over a fortnight. (That’s the thing about Dorset. There’s always a little more time here and a lot less of a sense of urgency.)

You can see some of Les Lees work here He makes the most amazing sculptures from reclaimed materials which gives me a great idea for a hero. My favourite piece was this cormorant because my lockdown photography project was trying to photograph cormorants in the park.

It shouldn’t have been difficult. I can photograph ducks, swans, egrets, geese, curlews, muscovy ducks and even herons. But cormorants are different. They pose so beautifully with their wings outstretched in a way that makes me realise that pterodactyls evolved. A nice row of them along the breakwater, beautifully framed against the saltwater lagoon and the Purbeck Hills beyond. And then I got my camera out. I focused it. I lined up the perfect shot, and they closed their wings, and I swear I could hear them sniggering at me.

I did get one of a cormorant in flight in the end and here it is along with a heron. As I said at the start, I live in an amazing place.


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