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A mild addiction to sewing.

Some people meditate. Some people do yoga. I, like many of my heroines, quilt and embroider and make simple cushions and bags on the sewing machine that I'm just learning to use after refusing one for years because I like the portability and sociability of hand sewing. So, I suppose it was only natural that my love of the history and tradition and the feeling of something growing under my hands that may well outlast me would transfer into my books.

Amy loves traditional quilt patterns, and so do I. This one’s called ‘Economy’ and you can find out how to make it here - how-to-make-an-economy-block-in-any-size/ Come the winter time I’ll snuggle under it while I quilt it and then someone else will snuggle under it and I hope they’ll feel loved and cherished and special enough to rate all the hours I put into it.

This one’s a Grandmother’s flower garden that I made with fabric my daughter found in a charity shop. It’s antique reproduction; and the label said it was sold to its first order in 1996, so I guess it’s vintage too! Amy made one of these in lockdown, but with much, much smaller hexagons and they make a lovely ‘on the go’ project, as Jenny from Windy Bay finds out. If, like me, you’re fascinated by the history behind quilts, then you can out about it here http:// My one big piece of advice? This is one time when it is so worth buying laser cut paper templates! Accuracy is key and there’s already too much frustration in life for us to go adding to it, isn’t there?


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