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A little bit about my alter ego and some shameless promotions…

The last Amy Hammond until September is due to be published in early April; and thanks to everyone who’s been kind enough to say ‘we want more!’ There definitely are more on the way because two are at editing stage and I have ideas for at least 3 more.

But it occurs to me that you might want a new series to follow, so I’m indulging in a little marketing for two series.

The Christians Cross cosy paranormal series are set in a little Dorset village that looks idyllic but is a very strange place. Not only does it still have a school, a pub, a post office and corner shop and a thriving local community, but it doesn’t appear on maps or sat navs and no salesmen ever find it.

It’s also on an entry point between dimensions, and… well, you’d need to read it to find out why and what’s going on, but if you like older heroines and cynicism laced with a fundamental belief that most people are good even if they do sometimes do some very odd things then you might want to give it a try. It’s on Kindle Unlimited and if you live in the US or UK then it regularly comes up on Kindle Deals. If you don’t, then there’ll be an anthology coming up in the summer of the first 3 books priced at £2-99 which is the same as the deals would be.

The same applies to my alter ego, Eleanor Neville, who writes sexier books with a little bit of n violence. These are set in Wales, the Cotswolds, London and, inevitably Dorset, and feature the ultra secret British Intelligence unit MI27 who work in the shadows that give them their unofficial name.

So today’s pictures are of the covers of the first books in the series, and I hope you’ll be prepared to give them a try. All the anthologies will be in a separate series marked anthologies. (Yes, I know, predictable aren’t I?) And I’ll make it as clear as I can that they’re pre-published books because I don’t want to con anyone. I just want my lovely readers in Canada, Australia, Japan, Holland, Germany and New Zealand to get some special offers too! And, of course they’ll make ideal summer reading and here endeth the commercial break!


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