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The Prodigal daughter is reduced to 99p from 6/7/22 to 12/7/22

If you like little English towns, an older heroine who's determined to escape the rut she's lived in for years and lives by to-do lists that never quite get done, this one's the series for you. Throw in a grey cat who rules the household and a next door neighbour who claims to be a retired Brigadier but Amy is now suspecting is more than he seems and you get a gentle cosy mystery for those who love Midsomer Murders

“An English cosy mystery set in a beautiful Dorset market town with a crafty twist and a heroine who's old enough to know better and young enough to want a little adventure in her life.”

Amy's sister has never approved of her youngest daughter travelling the world. Her coming home for her mum’s sixtieth birthday and Christmas was always going to be tense, but that word gets an entirely new meaning when she arrives heavily pregnant with twins and with a boyfriend who’s a professional gambler with some nasty so-called friends. When he vanishes it's up to Amy and her friend and neighbour Peter Cunningham to find him without risking him by involving the police. But what price will Peter have to pay for helping him and can they find him before the babies are born prematurely?


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