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Let sleeping cats lie

One look at this gorgeous boy and I start thinking I joined the wrong species. Spends his life eating, but never puts on an ounce. Sleeps wherever and whenever he choses, does pretty much what he chooses and everyone says 'oh that's cats for you.'

Maybe that's why I'm a cat person? Maybe I hanker after their freedom because in real life I'm a loyal, conscientious sort. If so, what does that say about dog owners? Or goldfish or hamster owners?

And yes, you're right, I ought to get back to work. There are more Amy Hammond's on the way and a Christmas story set in Oldcastle and the start of a new series that was inspired by a certain sleepy boy on a day when he wasn't sleepy at all. He was Willow the wild and master of the world, so he brought us a live sparrow who roosted in our Christmas tree for 3 hours before we could chase him out. Which gave me an idea....

The quilts are handmade by me, and older ones that protect the ones beneath them because there are some battles you just can't win.


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