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It’s hot…and offers and Vintage Girl Summer being published.

I know I said I wouldn’t complain about it after the cold winter but there’s hot and hot, and this is too hot to enjoy life properly or sleep and so humid that you long for thunder.

So, I change my routine and do as much as I can in the cool of the day nd then settle down to write in the shade. I’m sure it’s good for me to be shaken out of my rut, but I like my little routine and there are so many things I’m enjoying doing. The clear out continues as I keep to my ‘one in, one out’ rule and pass on the things we aren’t using and will never use, no matter how much they cost. I’m learning to be a lot more careful about what I buy, accept that some things belong to a time that is now past and a person I’m not any more, and little, by little things are being sorted. One thing’s for sure, this is one job I’m not leaving behind when I go.

The embroidery for my red and green star quilt is coming on nicely. I’ll let you see it when you’re finished, but Amy is going to realise that two colours of cross stitch on a very simple pattern may seem soothing when you start but it gets very boring when you get to the eighth panel, still with one to go. I’m also getting on with my Cath Kidston floral style hexagon quilt and starting the pinning and tacking for my blue and yellow scrappy hexagon one which is going to have embroidery on it too. So, if you can, stay cool, stay calm, and imagine me sitting in the garden with a cold drink, sheltered beneath my sunhat and writing or stitching decorously. Keep that picture firmly in your mind because it’s so much nicer than the image of me being hot, sticky and pruning a rhododendron that might be lovely but seems to be determined to take over first my front garden and then the world!

So, what’s new this week?

Thursday 15th June (And do you like the sneaky change of how I write the date so it’s clear no matter where you live?)

Vintage Girl Summer is published- ooh, I hope you’re going to enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing it. It’s a new Windy Bay and I hope it’ll be ideal lazy summer or snatched moment reading. A young heroine who’s heavily into vintage and hasn’t had an easy start due to a complicated family. (Is there any other sort? I’ve never met one…) A hero rebuilding his life after a tragic bereavement. Vintage clothes, vintage fairs, summer by the sea, and, of course, a happy beginning at the end.

And on promotion

Wednesday 13th of June to Wednesday 20th of June - US and UK

Love by the Sea. An Anthology of the First 3 Windy Bay books, so an absolute bargain at 99p. Sunshine, seashore, people with complicated lives finding time to breathe, regroup and find new beginnings in an idyllic little village by the sea.

She didn’t mean to find trouble - The First 3 Amy Hammond Books. Again, a bargain at 99p so why not try reading them? Cosy crime, a middle aged craft loving heroine with an apparently ever growing to do list, an enigmatic hero and a very spoilt cat who may or may not play Cupid.

Aging Disgracefully - An Amy Hammond cosy mystery.

Getting old isn’t what it used to be. These days it involves pole dancing, passionate affairs, squabbles, and attempted and genuine murder. And, of course, poor Amy is setting up a craft club there and getting sucked into it.

And in the UK only that week -

A Hand Made Crime - An Amy Hammond Cosy Mystery

It’s a hot July and Amy and the gang at Swansmere are getting ready to celebrate a fake Christmas for a TV craft show that’s being filmed there. Lady Fenton is excited and thrilled. Amy isn’t, but she’s paid to work not enjoy herself and they’ve promised she won’t have to be on screen very much. And of course, that promise will be kept and they won’t find any trouble. Or will they… Oh, come on, this is Amy. She finds trouble everywhere and she never, ever means to.

And Thursday 15th June to Thursday 22nd June - US & UK

Two Graves - An Amy Hammond Cosy Mystery

It’s late January and the Swansmere craft complex is gearing up for a busy new year and she's looking forward to her boss, the redoubtable Lady Fenton getting a new personal assistant because life’s getting busier and busier since the complex was featured in a successful craft series. She’s still shocked to find that her niece Callie has applied for the job; and more shocked still when she finds out why.

Add to that a guest at the self-catering complex who’s escaping an abusive and possibly criminal husband and possible drug and people smuggling and no wonder she’s glad that Peter Cunningham is as determined to be involved as ever.

Possibly the worst thing is that the part of Amy that isn’t terrified has missed being in action and is enjoying herself! She’s also thinking seriously about the future and considering the possibility of something that starts with an ‘m’ and ends in ‘arriage.’ Unfortunately, what Peter wants is as well hidden as ever so crime sometimes feels as if it's the least of her problems…

And to finish, today’s picture is of the model boats being raced round a course on the lake in the park. They’ve promised to let me have a go, but I’m not sure I’m brave enough because they’re so beautiful.


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