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I dig dig dig dig...

I dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig the whole day through…

And no, I am not a dwarf from the original Disney Snow White. I’m the person who got home yesterday to find that my compost maker (fondly known as the Dalek because of it’s shape and my battle with my husband not to retrofit it with a sink plunger and some old whisks…) had toppled over, spilling its contents all over the path.

Oh dear, I said, or something like that anyway. Oh, look it’s cold out there… I added, or, maybe something a little less polite. And just maybe I sulked for a while, but then my natural ‘glass half full’ and ‘too stubborn to know I’m beaten’ came out and I headed out there after lunch with my shovel at the ready and fond thoughts of all the good that exercise was going to do me and plans for moving it to a new location alongside the rest of my bins so I could have room for some thornless blackberries grown up an obelisk.

So the plants and obelisk are ordered. The garden is dug over, and I’ve even taken photographs for you… Yes, it’s a work in progress but it is so very much my happy place and I'm loving being able to get out there and plan and know that every day is a little bit longer.

Here is the Dalek, with my remembrance poppies and my euonymouses (euonymice? Not sure...) Those I grew on from 9cm pots that I bought in the local DIY store's sad patch where the plants go to die for 99p for 6. Yes, I know they're pretty much indestructible but that's my favourite sort of plant.

And this is a bit that's much closer to being finished. Yes, the sign does read 'Beware of the Gardener.' My dear daughter bought it for me...

What are you doing today?


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