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Housekeeping notes

I’d really like your feedback on this one, because I feel a bit awkward about it, which goes to show how much I’ve still got to learn as a writer as I come to the end of my first year of publishing.

So, for the first time ever, I’m listing this week’s promotions and a book that's publishing and I plan to do it each Wednesday from now on if you like it. In the UK, the promotions run from Wednesday to Wednesday and in the US they run from Thursday to Thursday. They’re retailing at 99p or 99c and I hope will tempt my non-Kindle

Unlimited readers to try a new series.

But please don’t think I’ve forgotten my overseas readers who aren’t in the US or all of you who don’t have Kindle Unlimited. How could I when you’re such lovely people? So, starting on 04 May, I shall be publishing some anthologies of the first three books in each of my series. They’ll be selling at £2.99 or $2.99 which is the equivalent of 3 books on 99p or 99c deals.

This isn’t trying to con people into reading books they’ve already got, honestly, because I hate it when people do that. It’s about trying to play fair by my overseas and non Kindle readers.

So, that’s the advertising done. Please, tell me what you think…

And on to the fun stuff. Now that the weather is finally improving I’m celebrating there being 2 1/2 stone less of me (that’s 16kg) and being so much fitter by going for long walks and exploring parts of the parks in Poole that I haven’t been to before despite living here for 35 years. Isn’t it weird how often you don’t do that in your own home, but do go out of your way to explore when you’re on holiday?

So this week, why not explore someplace close to you and spoil yourself a little as if you were on holiday? And here’s the view I saw when I did! Aren’t I lucky?

This week’s promotions


Buried Trouble - An Oldcastle Cosy Romance

Knight to Pawn


Sunshine and Shadows - A Lavender House Cosy Romance

A Time to Fight - A Lavender House Cosy Romance.

This week’s new book, available on Kindle Unlimited on Thursday -

Warrior’s Way.

This is me writing as Eleanor Neville who’s sexier and naughtier than Tia Brown (think of her as my inner not very bad girl!) It’s about Ros Madoc, who’s trying to help her sister escape a cult and Gray Lennox who’s trying to find meaning in his life after leaving the Army under strange-sounding circumstances. Neither of them planned to save the world, but this is what they’ll have to do!


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