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Decorating and special offers

It’s been a bank holiday in the UK this last weekend, so what could we do except some painting? This time it’s windowsills and gate posts and have you ever noticed how when you paint one thing, everything else looks scruffy? Still, they’re all white and bright now, thanks to my amazing husband who took over after I’d done the cleaning and plant moving around and I now have the fun of rearranging everything that’s only possible when most of your plants are in pots. In the process, I’ve potted on anything that needs it, entertained the cats by giving them new spots to pounce out on each other and unsuspecting passers by from and given everything a good sweep up. So today’s picture is of Willow, up a tree, and uses the black and white feature on my lovely new camera.

Work wise, I’m busy getting the July books ready for pre-order and enjoying some sneaky research. I’ve always loved the books of Elizabeth Goudge and Mary Stewart and D E Stevenson, so I’m having a re-read because that sort of fiction gives you a much clearer idea of attitudes than most history books do because they were aimed at ‘ordinary’ women, silly phrase that that is when we’re all extraordinary people. One of my pet hates (and yes, there are a few of them) are women time travelling to an era, acting just as they would today and not being burned as witches, so I try to get a feel of what society's attitudes were and make sure that my characters are quietly rebellious while doing all they can to fit in on the surface.

Have fun this week, and if you can’t be good, then don’t get caught!

Now onto this week’s special offers… 31/05/23 to 07/06/23 (or 05/31/23 to 06/07/23 in the states)

In the UK & US at 99p and 99 c

Let the Dead - An Amy Hammond cosy mystery

This is one of my favourites in the series because it takes Amy and Peter away from home territory and to one of my other most favourite places. That part of Wales is as beautiful as my home Dorset, only with steeper hills and mountains, no sea and lovely farmland and it let me use my passion for archaeology.

The Wrong Twin - An Oldcastle cosy romance

A thoroughly old-fashioned romance, that takes me back to writing short stories for women’s magazines where I wasn’t allowed to kill slugs and snails but could happily kill people all I liked when writing twist endings. I never did understand that, but the editor’s word was law because she was paying me! Sweet, gentle, with a lovely little boy and a damaged hero. Nice undemanding summer reading.

In the UK only at 99p

To Have and To Hold - An Amy Hammond cosy mystery

Amy’s niece is getting married. What could possibly go wrong?

A Prayer for Peace - An Amy Hammond cosy mystery

Peter’s past catches up with him when he tries to trace the boy he thinks could be his son, and Amy gets a glimpse into his past world, and into trouble. (And isn’t that a surprise?)


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