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Cook books, new books and sales promotions

So, that’s this month’s tidying binge over and I’ve got a big batch of things to be collected to benefit a charity that provides palliative care for children with cancer. I chose this one from a list of options while being reminded how incredibly lucky I am that my children haven’t had to face that. Lots of other things… but not that, and I truly don’t know how and where families find the strength to do it, so it’ll be good to help in even a tiny way.

Which, of course, means that I now have room to make life that I have now even better, and I'm incredibly grateful for, that and determined to to follow my arrow where it is currently pointing. (If you don’t understand the reference, then have a look at this song

It’s one of my very favourite ones even if it is ever so slightly innuendo-laden in places because it sums up a view of life that it’s taken me a long time to be able to embrace. Actually, I feel as if I’m having a later life rebellion because I’m standing for what I want and believe in now. And if that’s cooking and sewing and walking and photography and enjoying domesticity then it makes me happy and doesn’t hurt anyone else, so I don’t see why anyone has to tell me what I should and shouldn’t want to do.

And don’t people tend to do that? It's as if they think that they know us better than we know ourselves. I’m not doing that. I’m just mentioning which books are out and what’s on special offer so you don’t miss out or spend more than you have to because there’s never enough money for all the books we want to read is there? And a Kindle is such a wicked temptation…

So, here we go.

This week’s new book is ‘Professional Hero’ written as Eleanor Neville.

A politician kills himself in the House of Commons during Prime Ministers Question Time after yelling that he won’t be used. Someone tries to kidnap his daughter, who’s rescued by a handsome Protection Specialist who’s sworn off involvement. Now, our heroine Sam has to come to terms not only with her grief for her father but with the fact that someone was controlling his mind before he escaped in the only way that he could. And somewhere in his papers is the clue to how he broke free, and it looks as if it’s up to her to find it, with a lot of people wanting to stop it… 

And being sold at 99p in the UK and 99c in the US… 26th July to 02 August (and isn’t the year flying past?)

A very Private War and a Very Personal invasion -Esther and the Professor WW2 cosy mysteries.

Spies, invasion plans, and a woman who’s torn between the husband whose affair she found out about after he went to war and who’s always seen her as ‘the little woman’ and her brilliant, irascible boss who sees the person she’d like to be.

A Time to Fight and Sunshine and Shadows

The fourth and fifth Lavender House books, about the people who live in an old house and its outbuildings on the exclusive Sandbanks peninsula, and the matchmaking ghost who has plans for them. An ideal chance to read these before we get to hear from the ghost herself in the sixth book that’s due out in September.

And just in the UK (not long now and I’ll have my promotions synchronised…)

25/7 - 02/08 -

Second Chances - A Windy Bay cosy romance.

Endings and Beginnings - A windy bay cosy romance

Gentle, sweet, focus on finding ways through problems in a place where time runs more slowly and people are kind.

And Mistletoe and Mischief - a Christians Cross cosy supernatural mystery - Why not buy now and put it away to read at Christmas? You may find the hints about telling the difference between over-excited kids at Christmas and the ancient spirit of misrule useful.

Today’s picture is of my gorgeous black and white cat, Willow. The Americans call black and white cats tuxedo cats which suits him perfectly because he’s always dressed for dinner and thinks he’s every bit as suave as James Bond! Have a great week...


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