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Coming summer 2022!

I've just received the cover for 'Ghost of Dreams', which is the sequel to ‘House of Dreams’ and the second book in my Lavender House series and I'm thrilled with it.

To quote my newly written description - “Fall in love with the little community on the Sandbanks peninsula where fresh starts and happy endings are helped along by the resident matchmaking ghost.”

This is the story of ex-Marine Ben and his daughter Katie, and children’s book Illustrator Andie Halliday. Ben and Andie have both given up on love because they’ve been hurt too badly, but Katie, and a certain matchmaking ghost, have other ideas for them. Can they find the courage to move on from their painful pasts and build a better future together?

I’ll remind you it's coming when it's due out and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.


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