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Building a Future

First of all, a little advertising moment! Building a Future is now available on Amazon KIndle. I hope you'll like this one. A house renovator heroine who specialises in future-proofing houses, a handsome policeman trying to sneak safety measures into his feisty, independent grandmother's house. An old mystery to solve and a homecoming. All set on the glorious Dorset Coast with good food and lots of cake.

I've slowed down on the books this month because what I always call the Inspiration Fairy has fluttered down and honoured me with her presence, so I'm loving spending time in Windy Bay and busily researching all things vintage. If you like Sewing Bee, Bake Off, Strictly Come Dancing and the Repair Shop then this one's for you.

So thanks to Brogan on Sewing Bee, my husband for re-purposing some old glass topped tables as wall art, (I made the metal frames into plant pot stands) and most of all my lovely, lovely readers for making me realise that people enjoy reading what I write as much as I enjoy writing it. I'm now off back to work, so if the blog posts are shorter for a week or so then you'll know why, won't you?

Hugs to everyone who needs them, and take care. And if you're looking after the children while they're on holiday, enjoy them; and enjoy any free time you can steal yourself too! And build yourself that wonderful future you deserve, one tiny piece at a time.


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