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Being a crafty sew and sew...

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm hooked on quilting and embroidery and just about any form of two dimensional sewing. All my chairs have seasonally appropriate cushion covers, that are changed regularly. They're really easy to make, and a great way to try out a pattern without committing yourself to anything and there's a good tutorial about how to make them here

But my real love are embroidered quilts; and it's all my husband's fault for listening and doing exactly what I asked him to. When we got to our tenth wedding anniversary he asked what I'd like and I said a really big project. He bought me a 90" x 90" embroidered quilt kit!

It took ages and I loved it, but these days I tackle smaller projects, like these Jack Dempsey pre marked squares. If I get fed up, they become cushions, but my favourite size is 54" square which sits nicely on top of a duvet cover but isn't a nightmare to wash or work on.

My method is to embroider in summer, and quilt in the winter, and here's one that's waiting for winter...

But sometimes I feel like designing, and then I look for simple blocks that have room to add embridery, and then make matching pillowcases.

This one is a favourite pattern of mine, called churn dash. You can se how to make it here and I've set it on point. Again, you can see how to do it here If you scroll down the page, you'll see a completed Farmers Wife 1930 quilt. That's a big thing on my to do list, someday, when I'm not distracted by other shiny things...

Because, you see, I have as much fun planning and dreaming as I do sewing. I hope you have fun this week too.


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