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Baking again, and new books and special offers

Has the weather been kind to you? It’s been grey and cool and windy and humid here, with sudden heavy downpours, which gave me time to cook, and, by special request, I made empire biscuits, and here’s the recipe I used - Her icing was definitely neater than mine, but they tasted amazing and would be ideal to do with kids because there's no egg in them so it won't matter if they ate the dough. I’ve taken pictures of them for today’s photo and they tasted lovely. All rich and buttery, (probably because of the butter and icing sugar…) I'm planning to make them again and leave the icing but fill them with chocolate spread and then put melted chocolate on top. They'd also make good Christmas snowmen and you could decorate them as soon as they came out of the oven and not need to ice them at all. And here's today's picture. I swapped the glace cherry for a chocolate drop because none of us like chocolate drops.

My embroidered stars quilt is getting closer and closer to being finished on (photo to come when I’ve finished.) It’s looking good and will be effective, but I wouldn’t do another project like it. I thought mindless would be ideal because I couldn’t get it wrong, but I now know that I prefer a challenge. My shabby chic English garden hexagon quilt is on its way to finishing as well, so in both cases, I’m doing better than Amy is in ‘No retreat’ which’ll be out in September.

Today's forecast is wetter still, with added thunder, and we've had a flood in the airing cupboard, so I disappeared under a heap of washing and ironing. At least it meant the water didn't come through the ceiling and I've got all sorts of plans to totally redesign it. It's funny, you know, I didn't particularly like my dolls house when I was little, but now I've got more time I do enjoy browsing Pinterest for pictures and playing houses!

But for now, this week's new release and books on sale are below. Read on if you're interested, if not, have a great week and let me know what you're up to.;

Changing Times - Out now on Kindle unlimited or £2.50 to buy.

I wrote the first draft of this when the Brexit nonsense was at its height, which left me deciding to have an alternate universe where I wiped out all the politicians. It’s part mystery, part romance, part exploring a universe where people had to rely on each other far more and where the central administration had been destroyed, never to return.

And the promotions for the week Wednesday 05th July to Wednesday 12th July are

Sweet Revenge - An Amy Hammond Cosy Suspense - US only

A prominent local politician is poisoned and dies at Swansmere’s summer fete and the owners of their new sweet shop are prime suspects because he tried to put them out of business. Their new MP is being threatened. Peter’s two fledgling spies just happen to be around, and it looks as if Amy’s bossy but beloved big sister Laura could be involved so her chances of having a peaceful summer are approximately zero…

Pawn to Queen writing as Eleanor Neville - A Shadows Romantic Suspense Novel.

Now this one is a little naughty, but nothing too drastic. Millionaire businessman Gavin Allender has been strung up and whipped while helping Shadow Agents. Nurse practitioner Cheney Stannard is sent to protect him and try to find what’s trapped in his memory. She’s also been very firmly warned away from him which, obviously, makes her so much more curious!

Can they stop an attack on the Party Conference? Can they stay alive? And can Cheney step out of her families shadow, work out what she wants from life and get it?

Vintage Girl Summer - A Windy Bay cosy romance.

About as different from Pawn to Queen as its possible to get. Summer on the Dorset coast. Vintage clothing and fairs, a wedding exhibition, and a young heroine who lost her way for a while but is now building her business. She’s rescued by brooding widower Adam Grant after she’s knocked off her bike by a speeding lorry, and I’m sure you can guess what happens in the end!

The Toddler and the Tough Guy - An Oldcastle Cosy Romance

This one came about because of something that happened many, many years ago. I had an incredibly tough (and rather gorgeous) Royal Marine boyfriend who point blank refused to help at my much younger brother’s fifth birthday party. When I asked him if he didn’t think he was tough enough, he pointed out that he was allowed to shoot terrorists! And by the end of that party, I couldn’t help thinking that those little horrors WERE terrorists…

Anyway. Royal Marine Drew leaves the job he loves to care for his orphaned toddler niece. He doesn’t want to rely on Lisa, the divorced childminder who lives across the road, but none of his skills are transferable and he’s determined to do it right, so he asks her for a crash course after a bumpy start. As their families become entwined life gets complicated and… well, you know what’s going to happen but I hope you enjoy how they get there.

They’re all on at 99p in the UK and 99c in the States


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