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Are you sprawling comfortably?

Then, as those of us of a certain age will say automatically, I'll begin.

This is Willow, sprawled on a quilt in the sunshine, as relaxed and content as I hope all of you are.

So, what's going on here? I'm working on the quilt that's featured in the next Lavender House book ' Sunshine and Shadows' which is due out in September. Here it is all laid out on the bed. The squares came from my daughter for Mothering Sunday and I shall use it as a sample quilt because I bought a back of a dozen 4" stencils and I want to know how they look.

The weather's finally improving down here in Dorset, and Scrufty the seagull has fledged and now soars and swoops and generally drives his mum nuts. And Willow and Catling have made a new friend. He's a kitten that has been adopted by a Ukranian family who've moved in across the lane from us and we can't pronounce his name, but he's known to his pet humans as 'bad boy.' A little grey and white tabby. All bouncy and bright eyed and with no sense at all. So far, I've only rescued him from the cherry tree three times!

The cherries are ripening beautifully and so I'm giving them away and freezing them and trying new recipes. The apples are coming on too and the alpine strawberries (the little tiny ones) are trying to take over the garden. And with any luck you won't notice that I haven't mentioned the tomatoes, but there's still time, especially if it's now finally warming up.

Have a good week, everyone!


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