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A working walk by the harbour…

I’m working on the last draft of ‘Love Always’ which is the last (for now) of the Lavender House books, where we find out why Lavinia is a ghost and the residents of Lavender House try to help her to find her very own happy ending. It’s set in two time frames, which is a new one for me, and involved lots and lots of lovely research and an amazing excuse to go for long walks down by my favourite harbour with my hero and heroine, Neil and Pippa. And yes, they are real in my head, because if they’re not real to me then why should anyone else believe in them?

My favourite part of Poole Harbour isn’t the incredible beach at Sandbanks, although it is lovely, especially in winter when I've got it almost all to myself. It’s a walk round the harbour where you can watch the dogs swimming, all the little boats at play or moored on the water and the working part of it, which fascinates me. The big ships come in and out, the fishermen bring their catches ashore and mend their nets and lobster pots, the yellow ferry boats go round the harbour and across to Brownsea Island and the Marina is full of people working on their boats. The air smells incredibly fresh, the walkers and dog walkers are friendly and even at the height of summer (yes, I know, in England it’s a pretty low height but I’m fine in jeans and a cardigan) it’s never too busy. So a long walk is pretty much my idea of heaven, and here’s a little bit of it to tempt you.

And now, because it’s Wednesday, I’m on to the business part. Nothing’s published this week, partly because I put two books out last week, and thanks to everyone who read and said nice things about Childs Play and A Fete worse than death and I promise there’ll be more Lucy Williams books. But I’m reaching the end of my stock of manuscripts so there’ll be 3 books in September and from then on there’ll only be 2 with occasional anthologies as well. That’ll give me time to write more and maybe even see something of my family, because I did promise them that I’d only put my career first for a year, and it’s now 17 months and counting. I don’t know whether to be pleased that they’re so supportive or start wondering if they like me being more hands off!

Anyway, this weeks promotions are from my Eleanor Neville Shadows series. They run from Wednesday to Wednesday and are 99p in the UK and 99c in the US, and there will be anthologies coming along for people who can’t get the deals so you won’t miss out.

MI27 is a very secretive department that exists to do all the weird jobs. Their agents usually work in pairs, and are very carefully matched but their boss likes to believe that there’s never any romance. And the agents like to make sure he never notices what’s going on. A little more violent, a little sexier (but not much…) The underlying theme is of people finding out how much more they’re capable of being and being caught up in situations they don’t understand or expect. I like the idea that someone somewhere is watching over us and keeping us safe and exploring the world of spying from a human angle.

So, they’re

Accidental Hero - Romance writer Becky finds herself living an adventure straight out of one of her books and is now strongly considering taking up writing knitting patterns instead, even though that means she’ll need to learn to knit first.

Strange Harvest - Environmental Activist Erin finds herself a target when she realises that her group is caught up in a plan to discredit the entire environmental movement. (And no, she doesn’t glue herself to anything. She does organise a delivery of cow manure to a prominent politician though.)

Kisschase - Former intelligence controller Lissy has to learn to live with her limitations after a kidnap left her shot. She wants to escape that world. It doesn’t want to let her go. This one’s set mostly in my beautiful Dorset, which brings me back round to the beginning.

The simplest way to find them is on my author page, which you'll find here -

Have a good week!


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