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It’s June, at the end of a heatwave, so when could possibly be better to get down to work on writing Christmas stories set in my various series? Yes, I probably am mad, but it’s a fun way to visit my characters when the problems they’ve got to solve are relatively small even if they don’t feel that way.

I've been up since the thunderstorm and heavy rain hit us at half past four. It's easing now and I can hear the pigeons sitting on the chimney pot and cooing, across the road the baby seagull is just starting to bob its little head around and caw loudly while it demands breakfast, leaving me feeling incredibly relieved that I get nice simple supermarket deliveries rather than having to hunt for food in the thundery rain. And yes, I know they’re predators and I’m a softy, but I have just sneaked out and put a handful of mealworms on the wall outside our front garden for them; as one mother to another. She swooped straight down, so I’ve made someone happy today no matter what else may happen.

And I hope to make you happy too with some special offers…

Wednesday 21st June - Wednesday 285h June - 99p in the UK and 99c in the States.

Bloody Murder, Devil to Pay, The Missing Maiden - Christians Cross cosy paranormal mysteries.

I hope you’ll give these a try because they’re a lot more like Amy than you probably think they are. Yes, they’re urban fantasy, but they’re set in an amazingly beautiful Dorset village that somehow isn’t on any maps or sat navs, there’s a strong heroine, a beautiful ginger cat who’s far more than he seems and a variety of handsome heroes. Imagine Buffy the vampire slayer, but in a lovely location and with most of the vampires as the good guys… Or better still, read them and find out!

The Perfect Home, The End of the Beginning, Lost and Found - Amy Hammond Cosy Mysteries

Follow Amy and Peter through Covid in the last 3 of the current mysteries. An ideal chance to read them before the next books come out in September and November. An English stately home. A nothing like as retired as he wants to be spy. A heroine who thinks she wants a quiet life to get on with her crafting and a cast of younger characters who are finding their own ways through romance and danger.

So that’s the sales bit done, and I hope you find them useful. Please let me know either way. And today’s picture is looking out over the site of the isolation hospital and the plague burial pits to the beautiful Poole Harbour beyond and you can just see the ruins of the powder store where ships coming into the harbour had to deposit their gunpowder during the Napoelonic Wars so they didn't accidentally blow themselves up while moored by the Quay. You’d never guess they were there, would you? Yet the past often is a lot less pretty than you’d like to believe…


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