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I did it!

Well, actually I’ve done two things I'm really pleased about this week, so please excuse the small gloat. Firstly, I am now proudly wearing size 12 jeans again (US size 8) and I can breathe and sit down without worrying about ominous ripping sounds. This means that I will have lost my baby fat before my baby has his twenty-first birthday. And yes, I do know it was a lousy excuse and my other one, which was that I didn’t have the head space for the discipline of dieting isn’t a lot better. So now I’m choosing my ‘forever’ clothes in my ‘forever’ size and still hope to lose a little more. Mostly though it’s about fitness and strength from here on in, so I went for my walk this morning despite the fine rain.

And I’m so glad that I did, because I saw this beauty

Cormorants and I have serious history because I love looking at them. Did you know that they’re not waterproof so they have to extend their wings to dry? Or that they seem to me coming and then fold their wings just as I get my camera set up? Not today though. Today he practically posed for me, and I am ridiculously pleased.

I’m also pleased and excited because next week the first two Lucy Williams books come out on Kindle Unlimited. The original idea came after my daughter was in a so-called accident at school, and there was a large chunk of wish fulfilment in there, along with a wish that someone had warned me how helpless I’d feel when I couldn’t protect my child before I’d decided to have children.

I've always been fascinated by what spies do when they stop spying, so I’ve explored this as well, along with my personal belief that there’s something very wrong with a society that only values paid labour. So if I look after my child I’m wasting myself, but if I look after someone else’s then I’m doing a valuable job. The same goes for caring, but I won’t bore you with my soap box. I’ll just say that I believe that being with young children full time needs a very special skill set and that it’s infinitely better for a child to have a happy and fulfilled mum than an at-home one who hates it. Plus, of course, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do it. I worked from home all through my children’s childhood, which is where my chronic early rising came from. It was the only way I could have, if not all of it, then the most important bits of it.

I hope this week brings you all your most important bits, and please, let me know what you think of Lucy so I can decide whether to carry on with the series…


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