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Wet weather, finished quilt, new books and special offers

How’s life treating you? Down here in Dorset, it’s been raining, and you might want to ask yourself why our beautiful Purbeck Hills always look so green and lush. Could it be because the weather gets trapped in the hills so weather forecasts are more like guesstimates and my current most accurate forecast is how affectionate the cats are being?

If they’re outdoor jungle cats, happy to bounce around in the fruit trees and sycamore that make up what we call cat wood but is in fact the tiny area at the bottom of the garden where I have fruit trees and fruit bushes and do my bit to help the wildlife or sleep on the shed roof then it’s safe to put the washing out. If, on the other hand, they want it made clear that they are Indoor, Affectionate Pussy Cats who want a comfy chair or a snuggly lap (and the capital letters are necessary because they can be so affectionate that you’re lucky if they don’t trip you up) then don’t put the washing out or plan to go out. Instead, snuggle in at home and tick off some of the indoor jobs on your to do list. Oh, you mean you don't have a to do list? Why not try it, especially if you make it with 2 sections. 1 for things you ought or need to do and one for luxurious, spoily things that you want to do. And each time you've done an 'ought', then you reward yourself with a 'want' and I find myself enjoying it.

And that is how I’ve finished my Christmas star quilt and made a set of embroidered pillowcases because one of my favourite simple pleasures is pretty bedding and the feeling of a freshly ironed pillowcase against my face at night, especially if it smells gently of lavender and rose and outdoors. Add to that a clean nightdress, a good book, and a relaxing soundcast to lull me to sleep and going to bed becomes a treat even if the wind is driving the rain against the windows in a way that the Dorset tourist board would like to convince you couldn’t happen down here in the soft South of England, where we’re sheltered from the worst extremes of temperature by one of the two candidates for the title of the world’s largest harbour. We like to think that we win because Sydney’s reclaimed so much land, but our harbour is much shallower than theirs and, to be honest, a lot of the inhabitants of Poole would like you to focus on the world-famous and eye-wateringly expensive Sandbanks and forget all the other lovely places so that we can enjoy them! So Sandbanks is lovely, and so is Bournemouth beach (although the swimming is better and safer just down the road at Branksome but don’t mention that I told you that.)

So, anyway, today’s pictures are of my pillowcases and my star quilt, which is featured in the new batch of Amy books. There are 3 of them and they’ll be arriving during the autumn and winter.

And now onto the week’s new books and promotions, so feel free to wander off if it doesn’t interest you because I’m not a ‘push my books at all cost’ sort of person. Actually, I find that side a bit embarrassing so I’ll never be a proper writer, will I?

New release - The Scent of Lavender -

This came out on Monday and is an anthology of the first three Lavender House books, so a nice, gentle read about the beautiful Sandbanks coast (see, there was some point to me wittering on. There usually is, no matter what people think.) An old house and gardens being renovated into a place that includes affordable housing and which provides a refuge for those who need it. It’d be pretty much perfect if it didn’t come with a matchmaking ghost, but she firmly believes that sometimes people need a push in the right direction and so, if I’m honest, do I. I hope it’s a nice way to introduce Lavender House to people who don’t have Kindle Unlimited and can’t access the special offers but all readers are very welcome.

And special offers… 99c in the US and 99p in the UK

Away with the Faeries and No place like Gnome…

These are from the Christians Cross series and I’d really like to tempt people to try them because I enjoy writing them so much. Imagine a virtuous vampire. A former cop who is now a werecat. White witches and one faintly grey-ish one. The vicar of the village church is the Archangel Michael who’s on sabbatical in human form as part of the agreement to postpone Armageddon (which is always a good idea, don’t you think?) And the pub is run by a nixie which is a river spirit with anger issues, but don’t worry because she only eats people who really deserve it.

Christians Cross is on a gateway point between our world and the world reflected in what some people think are legends and fairy tales so it’d be an odd day if something strange wasn’t happening…

A Fresh Start, Starting Over and Second Chances - US only. Uk will be along soon though! And it won’t be long till I’ve got all the promotions synchronised now. Till then, they are out on Kindle Unlimited.

These are the first Windy Bay trilogy and sweet, gentle and wholesome romances set on the Studland side of Poole Bay, which you have to promise not to tell people about because it is absolutely beautiful. Rolling hills, lovely beaches, spectacular Jurassic Coast. Nice people, a slower pace of life and you just have to try the food and forget your diet if you ever go over there.


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