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We have a dumbledore!

But not the famous one. I’ve been researching old Dorset dialect this week. And okay, maybe it’s just me being distracted by small things, but I wonder if JK Rowling knew that a Dumbledore is a bumble bee? A miff is a squabble between friends and ramshacklun is good for nothing. Being randy is making merry; which tells you a lot about Dorsetfolk’s idea of a good time and a wopsy is a wasp. An airmouse is a bat, and the bit of baby time when they’re really young is known as cradlehood.

All those lovely, lovely words, and I know places where they’re still used. Aren’t I lucky?

So, don’t bibber or be dead-alive till we meet again and try to avoid footling and undercreepen people. Or, to be more conventional, stay warm so you don't shiver and avoid people who are sly, hypocritical and beneath contempt.

Today’s picture is Lulworth Cove, which is another of my favourite places and does amazing fish and chips, fudge and ice cream, all of which you earn if you walk up to Durdle Door and back. Famous, and amazingly lethal because it seems to attract the human equivalent of lemmings. You wouldn’t believe how many signs there are, and how many ignore them!


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