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Time to get organised...

September is almost over, which means that Christmas is coming. Time to check the contents of the plastic boxes in the secret place where I keep all the prezzies that I bought when I saw them and then fill in the gaps. Time to start filling the other plastic box with Christmas goodies as they come on offer. Time to think about what we want to do for Christmas, who we want to do it with and how we want to spoil ourselves.

Two of us are immunocompromised, so we’ll meet relatives outdoors for a walk, which means so much less cooking. I’ll make biscuits to take with us along with a flask of chocolate, but that’ll be about it. No crowded Christmas markets, no Christmas concerts, no Christmas shopping in busy shops. Internet ordering done early, and the decorations planned for our garden. They’ll be solar powered and I’m trying to find the balance between ‘can’t be bothered’ and ‘Blackpool illuminations.’

This year, I’ve bought some gorgeous solar powered sparkly lights that look like sparklers, which’ll do Bonfire Night and Christmas because the price of fireworks is just plain stupid and they’re not fair on the local animals. Catling curls up indoors, and Willowcat sits on the shed to watch them…

Which diverts me nicely because I changed my author picture recently and so many people have made nice comments… about the cat! He's asleep beside me at the moment, and his mum’s on another chair, all content and snuggly and very definitely house cats, which is never a good sign weather wise, but lovely to have them home and safe.

So, am I the only compulsive organiser out there? Does anyone have any tips to share, both about organisation and about being spontaneous? I’ve never been any good at that and it looks as if it might be fun.

And today’s picture is a snuggly Willow…


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