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There will be faeries in my garden…

If you haven’t read ‘Away with the Faeries’ in my Christians Cross series of paranormal cosy responses then apologies because this may not make much sense, but this blog is about simple pleasures and this amuses me.

I got lots of Amazon vouchers for Christmas, with instructions to spend them frivolously, so I have been. I now have all my earrings organised into big ones, little ones and dangly ones on special freestanding holders and my watches are on a special watch bar so I can actually wear all the beautiful things I’ve been given over the years. (And how did I get 17 watches and more than 200 pairs of earrings? Probably best not to ask but oh, they are so pretty and I've ordered a big pack of watch batteries and bribed my husband with syrup sponge to change all of them for me so now I can choose a different one for each day!)

And I’ve wandered off topic again, so sorry, but I’m so pleased about having the top of my dressing table looking like a little boutique jewellery shop. So, back to business. One of my favourite parts of ‘Away with the Faeries’ is where Handsome the were cat captures the faerie queen. Kit (my vampire heroine) isn’t sure what to do with her so pokes some holes in a Tupperware cake box and stuffs her in there.

I needed new solar lights for the garden, so when I saw these I couldn’t resist them. They’re going to sit by my little wildlife pond that I made out of a large shallow round planter and I shall sit out there in the dusk with a drink in my hand and watch faeries.

Because spring and summer will come, no matter how cold and bleak it feels today. And I shall be ready for it. The garden will be the best ever and I will sit out in it whenever I can and putter and potter and reorganise things. Like I say, simple pleasures suit simple people, so what are yours?


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