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There's a new Amy Hammond out; and getting old isn't what it used to be...

Maybe it's because I am 'ahem' not quite as young as I was, but 'old' strikes me as being very different from when I was a kid who loved to watch 'Last of the Summer Wine.' You can still find it on the cable channels now, and when you look at the ages of the characters you see how much the world has changed.

Once, you could settle down into a cardy and a pinny once you'd caught your man. Once, there were clothes shops for the older woman. Once, a Nanna had white hair, knitted and baked and played bowls and whist. These days, more often than not, Nanna is still working, shops in the same place as her daughter and possibly granddaughter and still has adventures.

Some people may reckon the plot of Aging Disgracefully (available here - is too far fetched. So did I when I read the article in my local paper about a retirement community that was holding pole dancing classes. Then, a day or so later, my father told me about two women in the sheltered accommodation he lives in having a fight over a man, and the story just arrived...

Obviously I wouldn't want anyone to do anything criminal, but why shouldn't we treat growing older as the start of another adventure? Especially if the adventure takes you wherever you want to go. In my case, it's to a new career as an increasingly successful writer (and thanks to everyone who's made it possible.) So what is it for you? What would you like it to be?


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