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Snuggling down...

Autumn is upon us. The leaves are falling. The cats have decided that they are not wild creatures of the wild woods (or at least the fruit trees at the bottom of the garden.) Instead, they are cute and fluffy and loveable. The sort of cats who deserve to sleep on a pile of quilts that’s near a sunny window.

My continuing quest to clear all the stuff my young adult children have accumulated over the years continues, and last week I uncovered a stash of quilt magazines that are 15 years old, which is real treasure as far as I’m concerned. After all, I must have liked them to have wanted to keep them, so they’ll be ‘best of best.’

Their age doesn’t matter because my sort of quilting (and Amy’s too, oddly enough, and Kath Conway's in the Windy Bay series) isn’t about the latest thing. It’s about simple patterns with lots of room for hand quilting, and, currently, going shopping in my horde of fabric and threads and feeling ridiculously happy that I’ve kept a notebook that tells me what I bought, when and where it came from.

So, at the moment, I’m working on a quilted Christmas banner, bearing the useful advice of ‘When you stop believing in Father Christmas, you get socks.’ The green sparkly border was fabric that I bought on a shopping trip with a dear friend at a quilt shop in Hereford. The threads came from a big batch I bought at the start of lockdown one. (Yes, I know. Normal people didn’t respond to the lockdown announcement by stocking up on sewing stuff, chocolate and good tea and coffee. I should have been learning how to make sourdough and I did… but I still like ordinary bread made in my breadmaker better and soda bread is a gorgeous treat too and so quick to make as well.)

Anyway, this week I’ll be starting work on my next Amy Hammond cosy mystery, and this winter I’ll be making the banners that she’ll be teaching in between finding murder and mayhem. And I shall be happy and frugal and snuggled beneath a quilt.

And here, for the cute picture of the week, is Lord Willow himself, asleep at the end of a hard day spent sleeping outside!


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