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Rainy days and sunshine…

We've had a storm. Nothing like as bad as a lot of people, for which I am devoutly grateful, but enough to end up with about an inch of water outside the back door which meant that the cats required a taxi service. Not that they used it much because the cat-cast (like a weather forecast but far more accurate) was very firmly in, snuggled up and very cute.

So I followed their lead and snuggled in and wrote and edited and got started on my research and cooked and was led astray by vintage china on eBay as I continue my mission to rescue and use the pieces that have lived all their lives being kept ‘for best.’ Well, I happen to believe that every single day ought to be my best, so I lay a pretty table at mealtimes and change the oilcloth tablecloth that’s above 2 layers of heat proof fabric on top of my grandmother's table regularly to match my mood. Her chairs are the old fashioned sort with drop in pads so I have waterproof covers underneath and then top covers that coordinate with the tablcloth, and cushions with gingham covers.

Continuing the little pleasures, my new fruit bowl has arrived and my collection of pretty tins containing decadent cocoa and hot chocolate is nicely arranged on that side. I’ve even corralled the oils into the metal caddy that used to hold kitchen utensils and tucked them where they won’t be knocked off by anyone walking past.

And you know the odd thing? I didn’t play much with my dolls house when I was a child, but making The Victorian House as good as any bed and breakfast, with a little cafe where the head chef (that’s me!) cooks up gorgeous meals is a passion project and I gloat over every tiny step forward.

But today it is not forecast to rain and the wind has dropped, so there will be a line full of washing as soon as it’s light and I shall get out for a walk. How far I get is another matter entirely. As you’ll see from today’s picture, a lot of the park is underwater, but they’ve lifted the flood warning for Harbourside so we’ll see what happens and I'll have my camera with me to record it and it will be amazing.

So what have you been doing? Did you get storms, whether inside the home or out? The whole world seems to be one big storm at the moment, so I hope you can find or make yourself a tiny patch of calm, warmth and love… See you soon!


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