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Ooh look, it’s raining…

Does anyone know where I can get a set of plans to build an Ark? Or if I absolutely have to have a pair of wasps and a pair of mosquitos? Still, being at home is good in some ways because it means I can try out some new recipes. Today’s goal was to recreate the Biscoff Brownies that I enjoy from the Baileys Bake horsebox coffee shop down by the Fisherman’s Haven; and doesn’t that sound a lovely place to be when it isn’t raining?

We were down there yesterday, looking at all the boats in the harbour and the birds as well. My favourite was this baby starling who’d found a haven and snacks in the bin and didn’t seem at all bothered by us.

 Yet today it is wet and cold and I’m back in jeans and a warm cardigan and have gone looking on eBay for some summery coloured warm cardigans because it looks as if it’s going to be that sort of summer. Which, I keep telling myself firmly, is good, because it means I can get on with indoor things, or things I can do in both places, like embroidering these lace inset crazy quilt squares with butterflies and carrying on sorting out my sewing room, or, as my dear daughter christened it ‘Mum’s play toom.’ That strikes me as being fair enough and I can’t help thinking that I deserve to have time to play, and so, obviously, do you.

It would have been nice to be able to play in the garden, but you can see the cat-cast, which seems to be more reliable than the weather forecast. Today is very firmly ‘home, curled on a comfy chair and very affectionate. ‘ So today I shall work on the next review of the Amy after next, do my paperwork and my ironing and use my light box to mark the last of the butterfly squares.

While I do this, I will be with Amy in my mind, in February, which’ll probably be wet and cold, but not quite cold enough to freeze the mud, and doesn’t that sound inviting? This one is going to be set far more round Swansmere than recent ones and its provisional title is ‘Detecting Death.’

So what will you be doing till we meet again on Tuesday? Let me know, but make sure that at least part of it is fun.


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