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One of those times…

When I’m busy writing, so today is mostly pictures.

Lord Willow, solving the problem of whether to lie in the sunshine or the shadow by doing both; sensible cat that he is. I need to be more cat and worry less about what others need and want. So does Amy!

Tyneham, the village that the occupants handed to the military during World War Two on the promise from Winston Churchill that they’d be allowed back. I’m sure it’ll amaze you that the politician lied! Worbarrow Bay is down a long dirt track from it, which is an amazing beach, as long as you don't mind the fact that the nearest loo is a good mile away and the thump, thump of Army guns firing out on the ranges.

And Kimmeridge Bay. Beautiful place, if you don’t mind regular small rockfalls and more steep slopes. Bit unnerving those are. Makes me very glad that it’s not as famous as Lulworth and that I'm lucky enough to live within forty five minutes drive of some very wild places where you can forget the human race exists.

Normal writing service will be resumed once I’ve got this current bout of inspiration out of my system! Till then, I’m off with Amy and the gang, and you can, if you want, amuse yourself by working out how those three advance the plot.

Till we meet again, take care and have a good week.


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