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National chocolate chip cookie day!

On Thursday, it's National chocolate chip cookie day. When, I assume, we all stuff ourselves with chocolate chip cookies. Maybe home made ones, made partly with brown sugar so it's almost toffee-like and with the chocolate chips added with a generous hand and then eaten warm.

That sounds good to me, but who invents these days, and why celebrate chocolate chip cookies in the hottest part of the year? Unless, of course, it originates in Australia or New Zealand when it'd be the perfect time of year to curl up with a good book, a mug of hot chocolate and lots and lots of chocolate chip cookies.

If I were a cynic, then I'd suspect that a lot of these days originated with the manufacturers. If they can do it, then so can I, so I am designating today 'National spoil yourself for an hour day.' Yes, I know we're busy, but I don't believe that we couldn't treat ourselves to an hour doing exactly what we want to; or nothing at all if that takes our fancy. So shall we give it a try? Whenever you read this, take an hour to do something you want to, and see how much happier you are. And then you could re-read it and do it again...

Have a great chocolate chip cookie day and go on, spoil yourself. You might even want to read one of my books...

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