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It's okay not to feel okay at Christmas

Right, I’m being serious here because this matters and I want to get it out there. Please share it if you know anyone who might need it.

A lot of people are NOT okay at the moment. Whether it’s finances, bereavement, illness or family issues, a lot of us aren’t feeling Christmassy and it’s an incredibly lonely feeling.

So, to everyone who is currently wanting to cancel the whole festive season and curl up inside themselves and never come out, may I please say that there are people who care, no matter what it feels like. So please, don’t let anyone tell you not to be a party pooper. Ignore the adverts with their fake view of life. Do what feels right to you and if things get too heavy, put some of them down for a while because your mental health matters more than all the Christmas nonsense we enjoy in good times.

And to everyone who is currently in darkness, I’d like to send these candles. The Archangel Michael in my Christians Cross cosy paranormals says that a candle is a direct conduit to heaven and that those who have gone before us can feel their light and warmth and understand all the things we couldn’t say in life.

He also says that we don’t stop loving someone because they die, so why do we believe that they stop loving us?

Obviously, I’m not as important as he is, but I utterly believe that and I pray that to everyone who walks in darkness will find light and hope and comfort.

I’ll be flippant again soon, promise…


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