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How's this for a moody picture?

Yet the funny thing is that it wasn't moody at all when I was taking it. I was standing in a beam of sunshine on my first park walk for ages. (Don't hasn't quite been going the way I'd like it to for the last month or so!) and I was really enjoying myself.

I thought, I'll post this beautiful picture and say that no matter what else is happening, the sun still shines, the lagoon in the park is still beautiful, and maybe things don't matter as much as I think they do. And look at what I got! I did look. I considered going back for another try and then I decided that it was a metaphor instead. Things aren't what they always look like. They always pass, and even when it looks grey and bleak there will still be odd beams of sunshine for me to stand in.

And then, as I often do, I promised myself to be more cat because Willow finds every sunny spot, and then stretches out and goes to sleep in it. RIght now that idea appeals a great deal, but I am not a cat (I think I joined the wrong species!) So I'll just find and enjoy the sunny spots, and I hope you can too.

And here he is, doing exactly that!


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