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How do you cut half a quilt by accident?

It was the weather’s fault. If it hadn’t been bitterly cold, wet and windy then I wouldn’t have decided to tidy my sewing corners ahead of a day playing with fabric to celebrate Mothering Sunday while my loving family take over cooking duties. And if I hadn’t found some gorgeous daft fabric with cats on while I was doing it then I wouldn’t have decided that I might as well iron it while I had the board out. And if I hadn’t ironed it then I wouldn’t have remembered watching a video at Christmas about a different way to use Crazy 6 quilt templates and wondered if it was easier.

Or maybe it was Amy’s fault. And Peter’s too because if I hadn’t been revising Crazy for Death then I wouldn’t have been thinking about crazy quilts. I’ve now invented a new way of doing it because I forgot that fabric has 2 sides when I was cutting it. That’s okay because I now have left and right handed crazy blocks which makes it crazier!

Better still, it was easier and I was in the flow while I did it so I feel ridiculously happy and creative and intend to get some more of the fabric I sorted yesterday out this morning because I can see it done in shades of blues, pale browns and soft cream pale fabrics. Stacy would like that one, and you’ll find out more about her in Death by Misadventure which’ll be published in early May.

It hasn’t all been play though because I’ve been helping my husband clear out guttering and thinking to myself that there were an awful lot of ways that you could kill someone ‘accidentally’ while you were doing that. Not my husband, obviously, but there’s now a new Lucy Williams book bubbling at the back of my brain.

Weve also been sorting out a little room that’s going to be a beautifully organised store room for all my husband’s tools and garden stuff and food supplies. It’s between the kitchen and the utility room and by the back door and a lot of people have knocked through to make a single longer room but I like having different rooms. It’s got a window that overlooks the narrow paved strip of garden by the back door and has a lovely view of a brick wall, so I’ve been browsing for and ordering tin plate garden signs to make an inspiring gallery. Assuming that is you can call ‘Gardening… because murder is wrong’ inspiring. But I like it and pruning and digging are my favourite stress releasers along with being out in what the posh people call ‘in nature.’ And, of course, sewing and planning and playing house and cooking.

So what stops you committing murder when things get to you? And what are you doing just for you this week?

Here’s today’s picture. It’s of the bit of garden I’m talking about, which is my favourite part because it’s so quiet and sheltered that it explains the sign I’ve ordered which reads ‘Welcome to my garden. A little bit of Paradise that I can reach while wearing my slippers…’ Soon, I shall be sitting out there, but till then I can write and dream…


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