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Exciting times

At least by my standards. My new washing machine and tumble dryer come today after making the washing machine last while we had a major league sort out. (Hint, I have an incredibly clean utility room floor!) And before you say ‘don’t you sound grand’ it’s a tiny, tiny room at the back of the house that was once the kitchen that holds the washing machine, tumble dryer, sink and a baby dishwasher, with room for the dirty washing nearby. Next to it is the so-called breakfast room, which isn’t big enough to really use for anything so has always stored all the things that were going to be some use someday in a horribly disorganised jumble.

Now most of those things have gone to the dump if they weren’t good enough to pass on, or have been passed on. It was a sad time because they had so many memories, but I still have the memories and now I have the planning and logistics for getting large appliances down a narrow path and in through a narrow back door to focus on. But we’ve done it before, and moving all the plants from the bit outside the back door gives me a chance to give them a really good sort out, have a good sweep up and then rearrange them for winter. It’s got to be good exercise too, because the last time I counted there were 43 pots there, and more may well have sneaked in in the way plants do if you go to the garden centre. And if they haven't, then I might be able to fit another couple in, mightn't I? And who cares if my husband claims to need a machete to find his way through? I'm doing my bit for the environment.

I don’t know if it’s a sign that I’m getting old, but I’m excited to see what comes next for those two rooms once the appliances are in and we can sort what remains and make the rooms look nice. The obvious answer is a washing machine that doesn’t flood the floor and a tumble dryer that you put the washing in, turn on, walk away from and come back to find it dry. The second obvious answer is that they’ve got an ‘A’ energy rating so the bills should fall. The final answer is that a good clear out will give space for the people we are now. My husband’s already nabbed one wall of what is going to be the store room for all his tools, and is looking forward to organising them as I’ve organised the kitchen so he can find everything. The cats will have a lovely snuggly area which catches the morning sun to sleep in, convenient for the cat flap and their food bowls. And they’ll still probably sleep exactly where they want to!

So, on to this week’s other excitement. Only 2 books on promotion and they are

VINTAGE GIRL SUMMER - A Windy Bay romance - Ideal time to read before Elf’n’safety comes out this month. A little Dorset village, an accident prone heroine, a dark, handsome hero with a tragic past. Lots and lots of food, a vintage fair and a happy ending. Exactly what you need as the nights draw in


TIME’S VEIL - A Christians Cross Paranormal cosy mystery - Halloween’s coming, so why not spend time with witches, vampires, werecats and the Archangel Michael? Oh, and the homicidal river spirit who runs the local pub… A reconstructor has come to the visit and is intent on recreating the battle for Christians Cross. Virtuous vampire Kit Conway remembers that time all too well because it was when she had to flee the village so she doesn’t want the past to be dug up, especially since time seems to be slipping and allowing the past access to the present. But what she wants doesn’t seem to have much to do with anything, especially when someone is killed using an authentic musket ball…

Wish me luck for the delivery, and I hope your week brings whatever you want. Till we meet again, here’s a nice picture of a very contented cat asleep on the cover I made for my basket of quilts. Sometimes, you can’t win, but you can make a cat very happy and that may be even more important.


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