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Cottage core? Coastal Grandmother? Or just being the me that feels right for now?

I was thrilled to be interviewed about my writing as I head towards the end of my second year being published. (I’ll let you know when it’s out…) It felt strange to be expected to talk about how I write and where the ideas come from and good fun to go for a walk with a ‘proper’ photographer who gave me some very useful tips as they recorded the places that I love and which inspire me.

Then they asked me how I’d come to combine cottage-core and coastal grandmother, and I did my best impression of a goldfish that’s just discovered that it can’t breath air, thankfully, without the flapping about before dying bit. I’m not sure how I missed the cottage-core trend when it was apparently massive during the first big lockdown, but I was out in the garden a lot and had decided to ignore the news apart from one check a day on the ground that I knew I had to cut myself off from the world because I was vulnerable so I was going to enjoy it!

So, Cottage Core is pursuing a simpler, gentler life that is sustainable and harmonious with nature and I tick the boxes for that, but coastal grandmother? Okay, I’m old enough to be a grandmother, but there’s no sign of me being one, which is fine because I love my nephews and nieces and my great-nephew, but that’s quite enough for me, thanks. I went and looked it up and it’s traditional and classic and comfortable because I’m busy tending my home, doing my garden, walking on the beach, reading, cooking and going to the farmers market. I tick those boxes too and so do the people I write about (well, the female ones anyway!) Who knew that when I was saying ‘Right, this is me, this is my time for now at least so what do I want? that I was actually bang on trend? That’s certainly the first time that I’ve ever managed that!

This leaves me thinking, my dear readers, what are you? Do you follow a trend or do you muddle along like me, trying things and finding it hard to let go of stuff you’ve paid for? Should we be trying to stay ‘current’ or should we simply say ‘This is how I am today, and if I want to be different tomorrow then that’s fine too’? You’ve probably guessed that I prefer the second option, and my heroines definitely do, but it was undeniably fun to see myself as others see me.

I also hope it’ll be fun for you to see what’s on special offer this week, so here goes.

As always, they’re 99p in the UK and 99c in the US, and on Thursday there’s an anthology of Amy Hammond stories for those of you who don’t get special offers. It’s called ‘The Trouble with trying to do the right thing.’

To go with it, the first four Amy’s are on special offer and they are; Wasted on the Young, Up the Garden path, A stitch in time and the Prodigal Daughter. (If you’re outside the offer area they’re available in an anthology too!)

Or you could try two Oldcastle Cosy Romances - The Wrong Twin and Kings of the Castle. There’s a cute toddler (some of the time) some demanding heroes and feisty heroines, no sex and a happy ending.

If you want something a little more daring then there are two of my Shadows Romantic Suspense novels which I write as Eleanor Neville. One features a widow and a bodyguard and the other has an investigative journalist who is forced to link minds with a spy… They’re Guardian Angel and Daymare so why not give them a try.

Now I’m off to be a Coastal Cottage Core Grandmother. This is also known as going for walks along the beach when it’s not pouring with rain, and finishing my quilt top and trying some new cake and casserole recipes when it is and doing research reading snuggled up under a quilt and always, always writing. I’m working on a pre-world war two Shadows story, and then I’ll be doing the next draft of the third Esther and the Professor.

Have a great week, and today’s picture is of a sailing boat heading for harbour and home. Usually, I photograph them when they’re heading off for an adventure, but being at home’s good too, isn’t it? Let me know which you think’s better…


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