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Baby, it’s cold outside…

With apologies to anyone who doesn’t live in the soft South West of England and who deals with ‘proper’ cold and has snow chains and winter tyres and generally has to take winter seriously.

But what can I say? My bit of Dorset is right by the world's allegedly largest harbour. (We and Sydney squabble over whose got the biggest harbour because it all depends on how you measure it.) Poole Harbour is large but shallow, so it acts as a radiator, meaning that we don’t get excessively hot or excessively cold. It also, weirdly enough, means that the sea can freeze. And if you don’t believe me, look here…

Anyway, right now, it’s cold enough to keep me indoors, which I don’t like because I enjoy my daily walk to the park or on the beach or beside the harbour far more than I enjoy the indoors exercise ball routine that replaces it. On the other hand, though, there’s been time for sewing, and I’ve just finished my little Christmas wholecloth, of which more will be said in another post. I’ve snuggled under my Christmas quilt while I worked, the house is twinkling with lights, the cats are all snuggly and friendly and little by little, I can feel Christmas sneaking in.

There’s been time for cooking too, and making soup and hot rolls, and sub zero temperatures seem to demand bacon sandwiches for breakfast. And it might, just might, snow…

I know, I know, for most of you it’s a nuisance, but Poole snow never sticks round long enough to be a nuisance and I’ll always remember the wise words of a local supermarket manager on the local TV news when he said people were stocking up on essentials. For him, it was bread, chocolate and whisky! What would yours be?

And here’a picture of the settee, all dressed for Christmas!


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