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A word from the writer's cat...

A guest post by Willow Brown

My pet human has finally accepted that people like seeing pictures of me far more than they like seeing pictures of her. This is, of course, entirely justified because I am Willow, Lord of all I survey; and I like to survey my territory from the top of the local sheds. I’m not so keen on coming in when I’m called, because my pet human forgets who is in charge here.

Every cat should own a writer because they can be relied on to sit still for long periods so they can be snuggled up to. My pet human makes quilts too so I help her by sleeping on them to make sure that they're comfortable enough to be used for mere humans. By now, she ought to know that she needs me to provide this vital service, but sometimes she isn’t at all grateful.

What’s more, she doesn’t understand that I shouldn’t have to push my nose against the cat flap to open it. I keep a human so they’ll do things like that for me, and they should be honoured to minister to my every need. But she is a good pet on the whole, and I do love her.

So I’ll raise a paw to all my fans and remind them to read the story that I inspired because it’s not every cat who gets to be a mews. And I want to make it clear that didn’t kill the sparrow that I brought in on that New Year's Day. Why would I want to when I prefer to eat steak and it’s so much fun to watch my humans chasing mice and birds round the house?

(Note from the cat’s writer… Yes, he really is that self-confident. And fluffy. And cute. And so happy to be daft that you forget how bright he actually is. So here’s ‘his’ book cover. It's on Kindle Unlimited and would make nice gentle Christmas reading.)


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