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I have seven ongoing series, and you can find details of all of them on my Amazon author page, which is here -


Lavender House Seaside Romances

These cosy romances are set in an old house overlooking the sea at Sandbanks where a mostly benevolent and incorrigibly matchmaking ghost watches over the renovators and those who find sanctuary there In life, she didn’t get a happily ever after. Now she’s dead, she intends to make sure that other people do - whether or not they think they want one!

Amy Hammond - 

This is a cosy mystery series featuring a middle aged woman who is finally

discovering who she is and what she wants from life after years working in a bank and as a carer for her elderly parents. Her life probably wouldn’t be as complicated if her next door neighbour and good friend Peter Cunningham wasn’t a not as retired as he claims he wants to be spy, but there again, she did say that she wanted a more exciting life; and I suppose the universe must have been listening. She’s an avid quilter and embroiderer and trier out of new hobbies; which all too often seem to lead to trouble. Westerham doesn’t exist, but it’s a little town over the far side of Dorset, somewhere around Dorchester. It’s a friendly spot, but everyone knows everyone else’s business; and what they don’t know they’re quite likely to invent!









Windy Bay Cosy Romances 

A series focusing on second chances and happy beginnings. Set on the Studland side of the Dorset coast, in a village that sadly, only exists in my imagination, where life is slower, people are gentler, and the peace gives people time to think about what really matters to them.










Christians Cross Paranormal Mysteries

This began when I was shopping in Dorchester before taking the kids to a Roman reconstruction. I asked for directions to Maumbury Rings because I hadn’t heard of it even though I go to Dorchester quite a bit, and a truly lovely lady, who I am in no way mocking, said matter of factly that I needed to be careful up there because ‘things happen as are unchancy.’ Ever curious, I asked what she meant, and she explained patiently that it was ‘things as don’t happen by chance, no matter what people wants you to believe.’

As we drove home, I thought a bit more about Dorchester; which is a lovely historic county town, with a Roman villa round the back of the old Council buildings that’d be a major draw if it was anywhere else, and, and I really am not kidding, the marker posts for an old wooden henge (like Stonehenge but made of wood) set into the bottom storey of a supermarket’s multi storey car park. If, I thought to myself, that struck them as normal, what would unchancy look like? Then we drove past a battered old wooden signpost, wreathed with ivy that I’d never noticed before and could hardly read, and my imagination started working.

By the time I got home, I had the idea of a virtuous vampire, a werecat who’d once been a cop, and a dead fairy in the understairs cupboard.








Oldcastle Standalone Cosy Romances

This is a cosy series set in, yes you've guessed it, the little Dorset Town of Oldcastle. These are all standalone and can be read in any order, but some characters pop up again and again

I love using Pinterest to record my research and inspiration and you can find my boards by searching the series titles or 'Tia Brown Writer.' for general things that amuse me.



Hi and welcome to my blog. As you may have guessed, I’m lucky enough to live close to the sea in a beautiful part of Dorset. Life’s been quieter than usual for the last couple of years because I’m vulnerable to Covid and vaccines don’t work for me. There again, that’s given me more time for my writing, gardening, sewing, photography and cooking. I may have had to give up shopping in real life, but we have lovely delivery men and I can still go out and explore my beloved beach, harbour and hills in the quiet times. I’ve learned to love walking in the rain; and coming home to hot chocolate, sometimes with marshmallows and squirty cream so all in all, I’m incredibly lucky.

My books reflect my love of a simple, quiet life and the happiness I’ve learned to take in the small stuff . I’m am an early to bed, early to rise type who likes some people - you almost certainly included - but I also need plenty of time on my own to potter and create or just sit in the sunshine and watch the birds and insects.

I’m proud to be described as a ‘cosy writer’ because I reckon there’s more than enough trouble and pain in the world, but nothing like enough dancing in the rain, eating chocolate, scones and jam and pasties, hugging the man you love and having time to do nothing at all. My heroines either already know that or find that out, so you won’t find drunkenness or wild parties in my books. But if you like beautiful countryside, old fashioned kindness, cream teas and quilts then I hope you’ll enjoy my books.

I'm lucky enough to share my life with my husband, two young adult children and two cats. Lord Willow is pictured below because he loves to pose for the camera as much as I hate having my picture taken, and Catling, Queen of the Night, is his mum.


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What I'm reading in February

I don't know about you, but I love to read and it turns insomnia into a treat.

This month, I'm reading books written around World War Two and memoirs of life on the Home Front. I'm rediscovering D E Stevenson and Elizabeth Goudge and loving the slower pace and the incredible descriptions.

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