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Special offers!

From today (26/10/22) to 02/11/22, Wasted on the Young and Bloody Murder are on special offer on Amazon UK at 99p.

Wasted on the Young is the first book in the Amy Hammond cosy romances and sees her as a reluctant volunteer at a stately home who finds a dead body. Worse still, it's bled all over one of her favourite quilts! She's a suspect and she knows she didn't do it and her attempts to find out who did land her in trouble...

And then there's Bloody Murder. Imagine a gorgeous Dorset village that just happens to be on the crossing point from hell. Now imagine an ex-cop who's been turned into a were cat, a dead fairy, a cop who can sense witchcraft and a mass-murderer who seems to be out to destroy the paranormal population.

Then add into the mix a virtuous vampire who hates the bloody place and never wanted to go back, and you've got a fun read for dark winters night. Yes, there are dead bodies but they're cosy ones if you see what I mean? No graphic descriptions, no sex. Sort of Buffy the Vampire slayer meets Midsomer Murders; only the vampire is the good girl.


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