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My fiftieth book is now out...

It’s The Perfect Home, in the Amy Hammond series. I write as Tia Brown when I’m being sweet natured and well-behaved, and Eleanor Neville when there’s some sex and a little bit of bad language. (Not much, and always when circumstances demand it and the sex is always consensual and not detailed.)

So, it occurs to me that it’s time to explain a little about where I’m going from here.

There will be an Amy book published in March and April, and then two more definitely in September and November, because they’re written in draft form.

During the summer, there will be an Eleanor Neville each month, and then there will also be two mini series and a standalone fantasy novel set in an alternative universe where I decided to flood London and wipe out the whole Government (I was a bit fed up with politicians at the time so it seemed like a nice idea to explore.) As I researched that, it became a tidal wave that submerged large sections of England during World War Two and led to a very different sort of world. They'll go somewhere if people like them enough; so I’ll be wanting to hear from you.

One is the adventures of a World War Two housewife who's assigned to work for an irritable Professor and they get caught up in trouble. Think Amy Hammond crossed with Foyle's War. The other one is purely for fun and it leads off from Peter Cunningham because I started wondering how a widowed mum who was a former spy would cope with school politics, bullying, and, because it's me, the odd murder and crime. I've always wondered how spies cope when they go to the job centre. Not only is there the Official Secrets Act to consider, their skills aren't exactly transferable, are they? Because we're not allowed to threaten to shoot awkward colleagues or children. (I know, I know, some days life just isn't fair.) There are also some more Oldcastles, because the stories set around the bed and breakfast (Whole New Life and Having it All) have left me curious about Nadine and Ellie... and if you haven't read them I hope that makes you curious too.

During the summer, I shall be moving my focus back to new writing and editing. I have ideas for at least three more Amy’s, and there’s a new Windy Bay series that I’m working on the third book of at the moment. There’s another Christians Cross just about ready to write and the final Lavender House book and some stand alone daft romantic fantasies. Knights in shining armour, a naked time traveller appearing in front of you while you’re doing the ironing… all the sorts of things my weird mind can come up with.

And not one of these things would be possible without you wonderful readers, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, and please, please, help me to plan how I go forward by giving me feedback and maybe some reviews as well?

You’re the ones who matter, so it seems only fair to write what you want to read.


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